Foundational Skills

Foundational Skills for ITES Segment


This sub-component will develop the foundational skills of 20,000 ITES professionals in a way that is closely aligned with the requirements of global markets, and provide training grants to companies meeting a minimum set of skills development and hiring criteria, and support the GOB’s existing National ICT Internship Program administered by BCC. Foundational work skills are fundamental to creating a competitive ITES labor force as these are necessary for virtually all its sub-segments, including BPO and micro-work. These skills address areas such as cultural sensitization, basic PC and data skills, interpersonal communication, and a good professional attitude in general. The advantage of the alignment with global markets approach is that it would create a talent pool that can cater to the requirements of the global industry, besides helping to enhance the quality of the workforce for a range of domestic sectors. It is proposed to closely integrate assessment and training so that results can be achieved faster, and training activities can be more tightly coupled with individual needs.