Component Overview

IT/ITES Component Overview

The objective of this component is to increase the competitiveness of Bangladesh’s IT/ITES industry for economic growth, export diversification, and employment creation. The global IT/ITES industry has had a significant impact in developing countries such as India, Philippines, and Egypt; as it creates mass employment in higher value-jobs for youth and women. It is also a transformative investment that builds new economy industry and jobs; and contributes directly to exports, economic diversification, and GDP growth. Various studies on IT/ITES have found that Bangladesh has significant competitive advantage globally due to its large pool of available talents and significantly lower costs. However, there are challenges in terms of skills, awareness and perception of the country, and IT/ITES-specific infrastructure that needs priority assistance for catalyzing the growth of the industry. Hence this component aims to address these key issues. Its design is based on extensive dialogue with the government, industry and other local stakeholders, and various assessments and recommendations already carried out in the country.

e-Gov Foundations Component Overview

The prevailing governance status in Bangladesh continues to pose major challenges for the country’s economic growth and social development. Hence, this component will provide critical e-Government technological foundations for the country’s governance agenda for the years ahead, and build the human capacity leveraging technology for governance reforms